• Question: What is your favourite food to examine ?

    Asked by away44bat to Min, Marcello, Katie, Israel, Dheeraj, Aoife on 19 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Dheeraj Rathore

      Dheeraj Rathore answered on 19 Nov 2019:

      All foods are amazing to observe particularly under high resolution microscope, it seems like you are under the food structures and you can clearly see how the food particles joint to for the food that we actually see on plate and we eat it. The microscopic observation of food are amazing. Check it your self:

    • Photo: Marcello Valente

      Marcello Valente answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      I think that cheese is the most interesting since there are a great variety and those depends on the bacteria that actually transforms the milk in cheese.

    • Photo: Katie Starsmore

      Katie Starsmore answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      I don’t really examine any food, i am more apart of the production of food from a grass/agricultural angle. But I would imagine yoghurt or cheese would be interesting because of all the bacteria in them

    • Photo: Aoife McHugh

      Aoife McHugh answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      I love working with dairy. It is so diverse and can transform into so many different products from drinking milk, cream, powder, cheese and yoghurt all with their own individual properties, processing pipelines and different microbes found in them.