• Question: what causes climate change

    Asked by pass44bat to Marcello, Katie, Israel on 22 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Israel Ikoyi

      Israel Ikoyi answered on 22 Nov 2019:

      There are several things but majorly three things are the leading causes of climate change:
      1. Burning of fossil fuels
      2. Farming, for example cows when they eat release methane gases in their burp
      3. Deforestation (cutting down trees)

    • Photo: Katie Starsmore

      Katie Starsmore answered on 22 Nov 2019:

      Its a combination of many things that we humans do.

    • Photo: Marcello Valente

      Marcello Valente answered on 22 Nov 2019:

      It has both human causes (deforestation, carbon and oil based technology, farmign etc.) but also natural causes like Sun and volcanoes activity.